Automate Container Freight

Revolutionizing freight forwarding efficiency through advanced automation solutions

Container tracking platform built for freight forwarders

Supercharge your logistics coordinators with Cargo Tracker to reduce manual and repetitive work.​
Receive shipment data and itineraries organized in one place, and sent to your inbox.
Avoid unnecessary costs caused by human error and miscommunication.
Share delivery timelines with shippers and consignees.

How does it work?

Intermodal tracking and planning across vessels, ports, trains, trucks and destinations.
Send Arrival Notices and Delivery Orders over email and receive a detailed plan with ocean tracking, container availability, rail transport, and drayage, within minutes.​
Relax as we track the container while it is on the ocean, updating you with port arrival ETAs and the Last Free Day.
Get alerts if anything requires your attention, such as possible Per-diem or Demurrage.
Access shipment details at any time for up-to-date information. Share timelines with other parties.​
Once the container is terminated, we will retrieve PODs and EIRs receipts for you.

Logistics coordinators save, on average, 1.5 hrs per container with Cargo Tracker.

This efficiency frees up their time to concentrate on more strategic, high-value tasks.

Cost saving with AI automations that delivers unfair advantage

Fluent Data Parsing​​

Minimize data-entry. Extract shipping data and figures from your emails and pdfs. Reduce errors by verifying with sources across carriers and terminals.​

Intelligent Process Navigation

Clear deadlines. Reads your operational language and shipping data to tell you what’s happening and how to navigate.

Straightforward Cost Structure​

Enjoy a transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing model with no monthly or yearly commitments.

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About CargoSprout

Cargosprout was founded in 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. Our team is experienced in logistics management and software R&D. Throughout the years, we have worked with numerous freight forwarding companies to develop operational solutions.

Our focus is to use technology to unclutter supply chains in the field of middle-mile container deliveries.
Let us calm the seas for you.