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What do we do?

CargoSprout’s automated service simplifies mid-mile logistics for freight forwarders, executing container transportation plans from a single email.

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Empowering your supply chain
Port drayage
Transporting your drayage container from port to warehouse
Secure, convenient storage for your shipping needs
Multimodal Visibility
Smooth handoffs from ship to rail to truck to warehouse

Improve supply chain reliability

Flawless Execution

Eliminate errors and delays

Eliminate logistics chaos. Our tech-powered service streamlines coordination and automates vendor communication, reducing costs and human error without needing additional staff.

Transparent supply chain

Real-time tracking, proactive insights

With CargoSprout, ditch endless emails and elusive cargo tracking. Gain real-time supply chain visibility, empowering you to proactively manage logistics.

Swift Logistics

On-time with Instant Communication

Simplify shipping with CargoSprout’s swift vendor communication, bypassing email delays for prompt actions, keeping your shipments timely.

Cost Savings Made Simple

Reduce Expenses

Manual error resolution costing you time and money? Let our automated solution eliminate errors and reduce labor hours, optimizing your operations for cost-effectiveness and flawless execution.

Green Logistics

Measure, Reduce & Lead Sustainability

Monitor your shipments’ carbon emissions effortlessly. Our platform offers real-time tracking, report generation, and support for environmental goals, reflecting your commitment to sustainability and customer value.

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